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Palmetto Dunes Golf Etiquette Lesson One with Doug Weaver

Tips from Our Pros

While the distance to the green from your bunker shot may be close, it is considered improper etiquette to step on the face of the bunker, the area separating the sand trap from the putting green.

While on the Robert Trent Jones Course Palmetto Dunes’ Director of Instruction, Doug Weaver, explains why this is a faux pas.

Weaver, says “The face of the bunker is beautiful, it’s artistic, it’s wonderful to look at. But every time someone walks up and down, it breaks it down, and messes it up.”

One should always exit a bunker at the lowest side. This is typically the same way you entered, as you would not want to put deep shoe prints in the sand on the face of the bunker. Leaving deep shoe prints, or divots, can result in a future player’s golf ball becoming difficult to get out.

Upon exiting the bunker, the golfer should remove the excess sand from their shoes, this can be done with a few shakes, or stomps, as well as a tap or two with a club. This keeps the sand from being tracked onto the putting green.

Knowing etiquette rules such as this might not enhance your golf game, but it can allow you to still seem like a professional on the course.

But to enhance your golf game even further, check out our team of experienced golf professionals. Enjoy a private lesson with one of these talented individuals, or with our Director of Instruction Doug Weaver himself!

Call us to schedule a private lesson (866) 455-6890.
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